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The Worlds Of Evad™

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Volume 1: Non-Lyrical Crossovers To No Particular Genre

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The Web

Getting Started

Are you just getting started with building your web site, or are you about to begin a re-design of one or more of your current web sites? We can assist you with the flowcharting process of planning your web site's navigation and content delivery. Logical and efficient navigation of your web site content is paramount towards ensuring your web site's success. We can also help guide you through the decision making process of choosing an appropriate hosting service for delivering and maintaining your web site on the Internet.

Choosing A Domain Name

Your Internet presence starts with your Domain Name - Will your Domain Name be easy for site visitors to find and remember? Does having multiple Domain Names make sense for expanding your ability to capture a larger target audience? Is it important for you to have multiple Domain Extensions like; .com, .net, .org, .tv, .info, .biz, .us, etc. etc., towards helping to protect your Internet Identity? We can also guide you through these important decisions, while assisting with the registration of your desired Domain Name (s) as well if needed.

Flowcharting Your Site

A critical step that is all too often not given the careful attention and time it warrants, is Flowcharting Your Site. Planning out the navigational flow for your web site and developing a logical content deployment methodology are essential steps towards ensuring your site visitors explore all of your web site's content as you have intended. Spending a little extra time initially planning out your web site's content can save you a lot of time and money later having to reorganize and/or rebuild.

Statistics are indicating that people have less available time for casual surfing, making it more important than ever that your web site be easy to navigate and that your detailed content be easy to find and understand. For example, sites with a great deal of text content can utilize a "Read More" link and a "dig down" methodology whereby; on a first layer page you provide an excerpt from the overall content to pique the reader's interest along with a "Read More" link, which links to the full content page. This allows your first layer page to contain more overall content, yet allows your visitors to scan your available content more quickly and then "dig down" to "read more" about what is of particular interest to them.

With our review and evaluation process we will be able to help you flowchart a streamlined web site, providing your site with the greatest potential for user satisfaction and overall web site success. Without an intellegent site map you will almost never be well-ranked, for your mission critical keywords on Google, or any other search engine!

Setting Up Hosting

Today there are a multitude of Hosting Service Providers and monthly Hosting charges range from under $10.00 per month, to thousands of dollars per month, depending upon the menu of services chosen and the volume of daily traffic. If you are just getting started on the web, we can help make sense of the myriad of available Hosting Plans and support services options, allowing you to make educated decisions towards supporting your current web site's requirements, within the available budget you have to work with.

Basic Site Email Strategy

As we all continue to be inundated with an ever increasing amount of incoming email messages, keeping it all organized so as to facilitate the timely response to those messages which are of the greatest importance, can often times seem like a daunting task. In regards to supporting your web site, having all email messages generated from your site sent to a single email account, such as, can quickly grow to be unmanageable.

Our site evaluation process will help you to choose and set up targeted email accounts such as; info@, sales@, service@, etc., allowing you to more easily focus on those web site email requests that you deem to be of the most importance, ultimately enhancing your visitor's experience with your site.

Site Webmastering

We offer a vast array of Site Webmastering services. From the initial set up and design steps, through the physical development process, to handling your on-going site maintenance and updates, we're available to assist you as much, or as little as you need us.

Many web site owners discover that once their web site is built and goes live, in the beginning, they are able to perform the necessary Site Webmastering tasks that are required to maintain their web site, but, as their day-to-day responsibilities increase "doing what they do", they find themselves with less and less time to dedicate to the physical maintenance of their web site.

"As much, or as little as you need us." Our Site Webmastering services and charges are customized to meet your specific needs. We look forward to becoming a valued member of your web site team and take great pride in performing those tasks you ask of us in a timely, exacting and yet affordable manner.

Web Site Design

We provide custom Web Site Design services tailored to meet your specific web site requirements and available budget. Our evaluation process will allow us to clearly understand what your overall intended purpose is for your web site and what functionality you wish to make available to your site's visitors. We then strive to design and build a clean, functional, SEO friendly web site interface built to be compatible and consistent with as many web browsers and operating systems as possible.

Web Site Development

From simple sites aimed at disseminating information, to multimedia-rich sites including; animated GIF's, Flash, Shockwave or digital video content, and/or developing a complete secure e-commerce online storefront, we along with our associates have the tools, knowledge, experience and successful track record, to develop your web site so as to be able to effectively deliver your message and/or product (s), or successfully market your services.

Web Site Hosting

We offer fully-managed Web Site Hosting services capable of supporting the requirements of most start up, small and medium sized web sites. We also work with many third-party hosting service providers and can provide you with reliable, pre-screened referrals, should your web site's requirements be deemed to be beyond what we can reliably or technically support. Our primary goal with regard to Web Site Hosting is to assist you with finding the best possible hosting solution, that meets your web site requirements within your available budget.

Self-Managed Domains

Is a goal for your web site that you and/or one of your associates perform the ongoing maintenance and content updates? Does your organization have a group of members that will all be contributing content to your site? If so, then a Content Management System (CMS) such as Joomla! may be the ideal solution for your web site's needs.

A CMS, such as Joomla!, allows you to set up and administer multiple users and varying security access levels per user as needed. Most of the CMS's allow you to maintain your web site with little to no programming knowledge. Many CMS's including Joomla! are "open source" application environments and a great deal of them are 'free' to use, or only ask for a nominal donation, making them an extremely cost effective solution for your web site needs.

We provide full Joomla! web site development services including; custom template design, site set up and configuration, content management and full training services for all aspects of developing and maintaining a Joomla! environment.

Fully-Managed Domains

Do you simply not have the time to administer your web site? Can't afford to pay someone "full time" to handle your web site's needs? Along with all of our design, development and hosting services mentioned above, we also offer Fully-Managed Domains whereby we handle your web site maintenance and ongoing content updates on an "as needed" basis.

"Constant change is here to stay!" We understand the need to continually keep your web site's content updated, keeping pace with what's new with your company or organization. We take great pride in assisting you with these updates in a timely, exacting and yet affordable manner.

Web Site Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Your web site is built and live, now what? How will people find your web site? Unfortunately there is no magic "easy button". Along with getting the word out yourself by including your web address in all of your advertising and being certain your web address is included on every printed and/or electronic document you distribute, you also need to take the proper steps to ensure your web site itself is optimized to be "search engine friendly".

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a constantly evolving process which has launched thousands of companies dedicated to providing nothing but SEO related services. SEO services can cost as little as a few hundred dollars for a basic site evaluation, to thousands of dollars per month for complex SEO and/or Pay-Per-Click campaigns.

For those with start up and/or limited web site budgets, we offer a number of affordable "getting started" evaluation and SEO services. Our evaluation services can assist you with identifying and properly formatting "the big three" SEO related META Tags; your web page's Title, Keywords and Description, helping you to ensure that these critical tags will be deemed relative to your individual page content by the multitude of search engines in use today. We can also assist you with the proper submissions of your web site to all of today's popular search engines.

For those with a more substantial web site budget, we are affiliated with a number of proven reputable SEO companies that we can refer you to and/or assist you with. If you're planning to rely heavily upon your web site for a major portion of your income stream, proper SEO is an absolute necessity for improving your chances of being found amongst the enormous volume of web sites online today.

Consulting & Training

From getting started on web with registering your Domain Name, setting up a hosting account, designing your web site interface, preparing and developing your site's content, initial SEO preparation and implementation, throughout your ongoing web site maintenance and update procedures, we have a vast array of Consulting & Training services available to assist you with your web site, that can be customized to your specific needs and skill level.

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From concept to finished Web Site presence...
we're here to assist you with taking your concept
from vision to reality!

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...Domain Name registration, planning, flowcharting, storyboarding, web site design and development, fully-managed and self-managed Domains and hosting services, webmastering and web site maintenance services,
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services, as well as a wide variety of consulting, training and support services...

We pride ourselves on being your full service Content Developers for Multimedia Production and the Internet.


Do You GoDaddy?
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Just getting started?

Confused by the myriad
of site options?

Frustrated with speaking
with someone different
every time you call
customer support?

We offer personalized
custom training and
consulting serives that
can help you manage
your GoDaddy account.

The Joomla! CMS
Joomla! Logo source matters...

We offer a wide variety of training and consulting serives custom designed to assist you with getting the most out of your Joomla! Content Management System (CMS).

Custom Template Design
Site Configurations
Content Development
Ongoing Webmastering
Administration Training
Custom HTML & CSS
We build
custom designed
HTML & CSS based templates and
web site interfaces.

Basic Site SEO
Are you just getting started with your web site, or are you working with a limited web site development budget?

We offer a variety of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services that can help improve your web site's visibility with today's search engines.

Site Content Review
META Tag Development
Relative Content Analysis
Search Engine Submission