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The Worlds of Evad™
Evadware Productions
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from its original
Science Fiction Series...
The Worlds Of Evad™

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Manikin Madness!
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Stop Motion Slapstick
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Self Running Presentations

As this title indicates, a Self Running Presentation is a type of presentation that requires little to no user intervention, other than perhaps some form of "play now" button located on the opening screen and/or a "play again" button on the last screen. It is often a common, as well as recommended practice, to also include some form of "pause/resume" button to provide the user with the ability to temporarily stop the presentation, should they get interrupted while watching it, such as receiving an unexpected phone call.

Self Running Presentations can be utilized for a vast array of purposes and can consist of most forms of media, including: text, images, video, narration and music. From simple "welcome messages", product announcements and organization introductions, to detailed instructional presentations. This type of presentation is ideal for those situations when you want to control and ensure your content is presented to the user in the specific order and manner you've intended.

From the planning and storyboarding phases, through the media preparation, content assembly and programming, to the distribution of your finished presentation, our decades of knowledge and Multimedia experience can assist you with all aspects of your presentation production.

Interactive Presentations

Interactive Presentations, as its name implies, requires interaction from the viewer. This dictates what content and in what order the content is to be presented. Typically this type of presentation begins with some form of welcome or instructional message ending with presenting the user with a menu listing, which then links to the available content.

This type of presentation allows the user to view the content at their own pace and/or to only select those portions of the presentation that are of particular interest. Interactive Presentations allow for the delivery of large amounts of content, that can be organized into logical sections, making it easy for the user to find and view only the exact content they are interested in. Interactive Presentations are also ideal when you want to link to additional outside resources such as your related web sites or intranets.

We can assist you with the development and production of all aspects of your Interactive Presentations. Our years of multimedia experience and our vast array of services can help you create world-class presentations.

Web-Based Presentations

As Internet access and bandwidth speeds have continued to increase, more and more multimedia-rich presentations have made their way online. Content once only suitable for delivery via video tape, CD and/or DVD, can now be delivered dynamically via the Internet, providing many additional benefits.

In today's information age "constant change is here to stay", Web-Based Presentations allow for much greater flexibility, quicker turn times and more cost effective delivery solutions for your presentations. There's no CD or DVD that can get scratched, broken or lost. There's no need to incur the costs associated with duplicating video tapes, CD's, DVD's or their packaging. No shipping expenses to get your updated presentations into your users hands. Web-Based Presentations allow you to apply more of your available financial resources to the actual 'content' of your presentations.

With the wide range of design and development services we have to offer, we can assemble Web-Based Presentations that will allow you to effectively and affordably deliver your presentational messages; while at the same time, reaching a wider audience than is economically possible utilizing video tapes, CD's and/or DVD's.

CD/DVD Presentations

While more and more presentations have made their way online, CD and DVD Presentations still have a broad range of viable uses; for example, for trade show handouts or extensive training materials, allowing your users to work at their own pace while offline. As the use of laptop computers have become more commonplace, especially by those who travel for business purposes, as most laptops are equipped with CD and/or DVD drives, these presentation delivery methods are still beneficial, especially for those times when Internet access is not readily or economically available to your users.

CD/DVD Development

From basic short Self Running Presentations, to complex fully Interactive Presentations, whether your content is a simple introduction message, or consists of extensive instructional materials, we can help you with all aspects of your your CD/DVD Development, distribution and duplication/replication.

From the initial planning and storyboarding steps, to the graphic design, audio and video production, multimedia authoring and assembly, duplication and/or replication services, all the way through the distribution process. We have decades of multimedia development knowledge, creativity, experience and the skill necessary to transform your CD/DVD project from a concept, into a finished product.

Video Production

With today's improvements in computer technology and increased available Internet access speeds and bandwidth, it is now possible to deliver video content in more ways than ever before. No longer confined to analog tape, video content can now be digitized and optimized for delivery via CD's, DVD's and the Internet.

From editing, updating and/or re-purposing your existing video footage, to shooting and producing new video content, we offer a wide range of Video Production services capable of providing you with video solutions and support for an equally wide range of video formats and available budgets.

Consulting & Training

From helping you plan and storyboard your Multimedia project, designing your presentation interface, preparing and developing your graphic, audio and video content, throughout the authoring, assembly and distribution process, we have a vast array of Consulting & Training services available to assist you with your Multimedia project, that can be customized to your specific needs and skill level.

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From concept to finished Multimedia product...
we're here to assist you with taking your concept
from vision to reality!

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  • Storyboarding and Copywriting
  • Multimedia Authoring and Assembly
  • Narration and Voice-overs
  • Custom Music and Audio Special Effects Creation
  • Audio Recording, Mastering and Digitization Services
  • Video Production, Editing and Digital Video Creation
  • CD-ROM/DVD Duplication and Replication
  • Packaging Design, Production and Distribution
  • Multimedia Development Consulting and Training Services

We pride ourselves on being your full service Content Developers for Multimedia Production and the Internet.


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Digital Music
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Volume 1: Non-Lyrical Crossovers To No Particular Genre

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J Dan Roland
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J Dan Roland

Artist - Songwriter
and Composer

Volume 1: 7 Song EP
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