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Evadware Productions
West Seneca, NY • U.S.A.

Phone: (716) 668-7702

The Worlds of Evad™
Evadware Productions
presents the first book
from its original
Science Fiction Series...
The Worlds Of Evad™

To learn more about this
first book of the series, please visit: site link image

The World's Of Evad™
Volume 1
The Alpha Missions

is also available in most popular electronic eReader formats
.epub (for iPhone, iPad) .mobi (for Kindle)
.lrf (for Sony Reader)
.pdf, .rtf, and more.

To sample and buy this first book of the series in eReader format please visit:
The Worlds Of Evad
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Human Error...
Human Error Publishing
Performance Artist
and Writer :
Paul Richmond
Picture of Paul Richmond Performance Artist & Writer

Quirky stories & revealing surprises abound here.
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Intended for mature audiences.

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Paul's books are available online at:
Paul Richmond's First Book Cover
Paul Richmond's Second Book Cover

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Paul's books are also available in most popular electronic eReader formats at his
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Graphic Design

Promotional Materials

Whether you need basic general purpose logos, or complete corporate identity packages; including identity logos, business cards, letterhead, envelopes, postcards, pamphlets and/or brochures, Evadware Productions has the knowledge and experience to help you with the content development of all of your sales and marketing materials.

Image Manipulation

We provide a variety of services to assist you with getting the most out of your photos and digital images. From color corrections to photo retouching, batch processing to original image creation, our decades of experience can help breathe life into all of your digital images.

Optimizing For Print

We can ensure that all of your photography and digital images are the proper resolution and color mode, for your chosen printing destination. From traditional ink on paper printing to digital print on demand, our knowledge and experience can ensure that all of your digital images and output files are optimized for the maximum possible quality, based upon the specifications of your chosen print production provider.

Optimizing For The Web

Even though Internet access and speeds continue to increase, it is as critical as ever, that all of your web site photos and digital images be at the proper resolution, color mode and optimized to the smallest possible file size, so as to ensure your web site pages load as quickly as possible. Our knowledge and experience can ensure that all of your web site imagery is not only properly prepared for optimal Internet delivery, but also maximum quality.

Image Magic  ;-)

Do you have a great photo of one of your products, or a person of interest, but the background is just not to your liking? Do any of your images contain artifacts or subject elements you just wish weren't in the picture? We have the knowledge and necessary retouching skills required for a wide variety of digital image enhancements and/or special effects... ...Image Magic  ;-)

DeskTop Publishing

Need help bringing all of the individual elements together towards building the necessary output files? Whether you're creating printed promotional materials or documents for electronic dissemination, we can help ensure that all of your final files are built to the required specifications for your chosen production process. From assisting with the design, layout and document construction, through coordinating with your chosen production house or distribution provider, we have all the knowledge and experience necessary to help you achieve the maximum possible results from your DeskTop Publishing projects.

Electronic Documents

Do you create, have or need announcements, press releases, newsletters, white papers, product and/or service sell sheets or brochures, instructional documentation, spec sheets, human resources updates, or some type of operational or procedural manuals? Perhaps you're an author looking to expand from the printed page to the universe of today's electronic eReaders?

Computers, the Internet and hand-held electronic mobile devices are here to stay and are being utilized more and more every day. We can assist you with the conversion of your printed materials and/or the content development of your new electronic documentation, helping to ensure your final output files are properly formatted for your chosen electronic delivery method.

From standard .PDF format to the array of web-based and eReader formats such as: .html, .RTF, .Epub, .mobi, .LRF, .PDB or even Plain Text stripped of all formatting; we have the knowledge and experience to help guide you through the electronic document development and distribution process.

Consulting & Training

Whether you need Graphic Design services, need a helping hand with your next project, or are looking for customized training designed to improve your personal Graphic Design skills, we offer a variety of Consulting & Training services to assist you, all customized to your specific needs and skill level.

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From concept to finished Graphic Design product...
we're here to assist you with taking your concept
from vision to reality!

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...planning, flowcharting, storyboarding, logo and identity packages, stationery products, promotional materials, image manipulation, creation and optimization, desktop publishing and electronic document production, as well as a wide variety of consulting, training and support services...

We pride ourselves on being your full service Content Developers for Multimedia Production and the Internet.


Author Assistance
Are you an Author?
A Poet?
Looking to learn how to
self-publish your work
and print
your own books?

We can help you do so
through: link image

and/or link image

From concept, design and ensuring your book is properly formatted,
all the way through the print production and distribution process,
we offer a wide variety of services to assist you
with all of your
self-publishing needs.
Digital eBooks
Are you looking to convert your printed book into
one or more of today's
eReader formats?

We can help you do so link image

We offer a variety of services to assist you
with the formatting
and conversion into
all of the most popular
digital formats.

ePub - iBookstore
mobi - Kindle Reader
LRF - Sony Reader
PDF - Adobe Reader
RTF - Rich Text Format
PalmDoc (PDB) - Palm
HTML - Web Format
Plain Text - Text Readers